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Terrace properties can be challenging for roofers. Access, mess and noise have to be managed sensitively and joints between homes sealed securely to ensure they don’t leak.


We were asked to look at a typical Victorian terrace in the leafy Endcliffe area of Sheffield where the existing roof was beyond repair. But to erect the scaffolding necessary to carry out the work, we needed to straddle the neighbour’s decking.


In conjunction with our client, we were able to reassure the residents next door that the scaffold’s weight would be spread evenly and would not be excessive, minimising the risk of damage to their garden.


Our next task was to remove the existing slates carefully so we could retain the ridge tiles for reuse and remove the debris from site. We were then ready to start reconstructing the roof.


Heat retention was improved in the 100 year old building by installing foil backed insulation boards between the rafters and thick fibreglass quilt in void areas. A high performance permeable underlay was added to enable the roof to breathe, followed by top quality Spanish slates, secured with copper nails.  


All verges were bedded into a sand and cement mortar, whilst a reinforced plastic gutter was fitted between the adjacent property, creating a watertight joint. Finally, lead flashings and soakers were used to tie in the chimney stack.


Our clients were pleased that work was completed swiftly and without incident and thanks to their investment in natural slate, the neighbours were happy to know we won’t be back for at least fifty years!

Type of property: Victorian terrace


Materials: Natural Spanish slate, High performance underlay, Code 3 lead soakers and Code 4 lead flashing, 50mm PIR foam insulation board, 300mm fibreglass insulation


Length of project: Six days

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