Pitched Roofing


Slating and tiling has always been the backbone of our business.


Although methods and materials change with time, we have continued to invest in training, so our tradesmen remain qualified in the wide range of traditional and modern products now available.   


We carry out re-roofing work using natural slate from all over the world. Welsh slate has always been a favourite, but recent developments has led to an influx of alternatives from Canada, Spain, the USA and China.


In addition to uniform widths and lengths, our roofers are experienced in working with random natural slates, such as Westmoreland, Burlington and Delabole, along with local Yorkshire and Derbyshire stone. Thanks to our advanced skills in this area, we are an approved contractor for the Natural Trust, working on historical buildings across the country.


The rising cost of natural slate means manmade alternatives are becoming more common and we install thousands each year for domestic and commercial clients. Although they are budget friendly, careful consideration should be given to their suitability for your property. 



Tiling is a cost effective alternative to slate for new build and refurbishment projects.


We use numerous types of tiles on a regular basis and some of our tradesmen are specialists in this discipline, having trained specifically in the installation of concrete and clay varieties.


When laid correctly, natural clay tiles are a beautiful addition to almost any roof and they are proven to outlast their concrete counterparts. A great deal of our work involves reclaimed products, which are particularly useful when we are trying to match a new roof with an existing one. People often comment on how they integrate seamlessly.


Concrete tiles are available in many different sizes, profiles and colours. Because of their relatively low cost and ease of use, they are popular with house builders and can often be seen on large residential developments.


To discuss a suitable covering for your pitched roof, speak to our expert team on (0114) 244 7720 or email us via the contact us page.

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