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Fascia & Soffits

New fascia and soffits can transform your home from shabby to smart in a matter of days, leaving you with a first-class installation that is guaranteed for 10 years. 


Many older properties still have original wooden fascia boards, which require regular maintenance and will eventually rot, creating weak spots where water can seep into your walls.


On most homes, the focus of any update is usually on achieving a maintenance-free finish and we recommend UPVC and aluminium materials, where permitted.


We use only the highest quality, lead free products, as this is one of the main contributors to the pinking or yellowing that can sometimes be seen on UPVC. They are sourced from local stockists and contain alternative, environmentally friendly stabilisers.


If your home needs an update, speak to our dedicated roofline department for specialist advice about new UPVC fascia, soffits and cladding, putting an end to external redecoration.

We can also offer aluminium guttering for a seamless finish.


Keeping with tradition

Timber fascia and soffits will be required on certain properties, particularly listed buildings and our specialist inhouse joiners can refurbish or replace all wooden components on the roofline.


Working from our dedicated joinery shop, they are experienced in using soft and hardwoods to create bespoke solutions to match the historic nature of your home, restoring or replacing the most decorative detailing.


To discuss the options available and suitable products for your property, call our expert team on (0114) 244 7720 or email us via the contact us page.

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