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The individuality of heritage homes makes roofing and repairs a challenge that not every contractor is equipped to face.


A large proportion of our work takes place on listed buildings and we have been privileged enough to preserve some of the UK’s most historic landmarks, including Bolsover, Lincoln and Nottingham castles. This experience is equally applicable to domestic properties with heritage features.


We employ a team of craftsmen who are highly trained in traditional roofing skills and experienced in laying random natural slates, such as Westmorland, Burlington and Delabole, along with local Yorkshire and Derbyshire stone.


Thanks to our advanced skills in this area, we are listed on the National Federation of Roofing Contractors’ Heritage Register as specialists in this type of work.


Beware of bats

You’d be forgiven for thinking the discovery of these nocturnal creatures when reroofing is required will result in red tape, delays and additional expense. However, when handled knowledgably and professionally, they needn’t impact greatly on a project.


Like many other wild animals, bats are protected and need to be dealt with correctly. There’s no denying their presence can hinder certain refurbishments, but the majority of work can be organised to respect their habitat and still ensure the job runs smoothly.


Bats enter your roof space through the tiniest gaps and are most commonly found under ridge tiles and lead flashings, on the back of slates and in spaces between sarking boarding. For these reasons, you may not be aware of their presence, however, if they are discovered, advice can be sought from Natural England who will point you in the right direction.


Our management team has vast experience in dealing with bat issues and can help tackle your project, to ensure minimal disruption to the works, the environment and the wildlife.


Regulatory restrictions

Listed properties and those in conservation areas/national parks are subject to much tighter controls on the types of materials you can use and the extent of changes you wish make. As the homeowner, you should be aware of these restrictions when planning a roofing project.


We can advise on the regulatory requirements affecting your property and liaise with local authorities on your behalf, to discuss proposed works and ensure all legislative responsibilities are met.


We have regular contact with relevant authorities, such as English Heritage, the National Trust and the Peak District Park Authority. We also work closely with subcontractors who specialise in work on listed buildings.


To discuss your heritage roof, contact our expert team on (0114) 244 7720 or send us a message via the contact us page.

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