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Flat Roofing

We have run a successful flat roofing department for 30 years.


Our experienced surveyors are familiar with the many different systems available and are happy to offer advice on which would best suit your premises.


We began flat roofing using built up felt and mastic asphalt systems and we still carry out this type of work today. The number of projects requiring these products has lessened, due to restrictions on hot works, but we would still argue there is a place for them, in the right situation, under the supervision of skilled roofers with the correct procedures in place.


To this end, we are members of the NFRC’s Safe 2 Torch campaign, promoting and supporting the safe application of hot works.


Embracing new technologies

Over the years, there have been various technological improvements in flat roof systems and we now install a wide range of products, including single ply membranes and liquid coating systems.


These new materials do not generally involve hot works and the level of detailing we can achieve makes them ideal for new build and refurbishment projects alike.


It is important to understand how each system works and how they apply to different types and sizes of roof. Single layer membranes are ideal for large projects, where speed and cost are of the essence, but they can become less economical and time consuming on smaller, intricate projects.


Roofs with large amounts of detailing or plant restrictions are better served by a coating system, where ease of access can be a major benefit.


Green roofs are also becoming increasingly common and again, we offer and advise upon different types of systems for various applications.


Independent advice

We are not tied to any manufacturers, so we simply offer the most economical and practical flat roof system to meet your requirements. This can encompass suggestions about insulation, decking, paving and rainwater installations, as required. 


We also work closely with our sister company, Roofco, to offer rooftop safety systems and can provide advice on future safe access and maintenance if this is a consideration on your property.


For more information about our flat roofing services, call (0114) 244 7720 or email us via the contact us page.

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