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We specialise in re-roofing heritage properties, in particular refurbishment projects.

We are listed on the NFRC’s heritage register and our managing director sits on the organisation’s heritage committee, advising others and developing industry standards.

A large proportion of our work takes place on listed buildings and we have helped preserve some of the UK’s most historic landmarks, including Bolsover, Lincoln and Nottingham castles.

Our work in this sector has seen us nominated for many awards and we are proud to be involved in one of the most notable restoration projects of recent times, re-roofing parts of Wentworth Woodhouse, the stately home with the largest facade in the country.


Traditional skills

The majority of our workforce has been with us for many years and in this time, they have honed their traditional roofing skills. Many of these craftsmen are also qualified to NVQ level three for heritage works.

Our highly trained heritage roofers are experienced in laying random natural slates, such as Westmoreland, Burlington and Delabole, along with local Yorkshire and Derbyshire stone. In addition, we have several teams of specialist lead workers, who are accomplished in welding and bossing techniques.

All of our employees are encouraged to upskill, as part of our aim to improve our heritage services and we employ new apprentices in our slating and tiling department every year. During their training, they spend time on heritage projects with a senior tradesman, to expand their experience and help us retain the traditional techniques required to achieve an authentic finish.

We are happy to showcase these techniques in public and have taken part in numerous heritage skills days. We use rigs to highlight traditional slating and lead working and give the general public an opportunity to try their hand at recreating these practices.


Project management

We work closely with heritage architects, as well as directly for organisations such as The National Trust and Historic England.

We can offer our services as subcontractors, but often take on the role of principal contractor, using our vast experience in the heritage sector to oversee complete renovations. Our management and health and safety teams are extremely knowledgeable and have the capabilities to look after all aspects of these specialist projects.


Beware of bats

You’d be forgiven for thinking the discovery of these nocturnal creatures results in red tape, delays and additional expense. However, when handled professionally, they needn’t impact greatly on a roofing project.

Like many other wild animals, bats are protected and need to be dealt with correctly. There’s no denying their presence can hinder certain refurbishments, but the majority of work can be organised to respect their habitat and still ensure the job runs smoothly.

Bats enter a roof space through the tiniest gaps and are most commonly found under ridge tiles and lead flashings, on the back of slates and in spaces between sarking boarding. For these reasons, you may not be aware of their presence, however, if they are discovered, advice can be sought from Natural England.

Our management team has the knowledge and contacts to tackle the discovery of bats, ensuring minimal disruption to the works, the environment and the wildlife.

To discuss a heritage project of any size, contact us on (0114) 244 7720 or send us a message via the contact us page.


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